LifeBalls is like no other product you've ever owned. It's incredibly simple, yet it literally has the potential to change the way you experience life & enhance it in unforeseen ways. If you haven't yet, click here and read the 1,000 Marbles Story. Seriously... go read it!

LifeBalls is the perfect way to add awareness & intention to help you make the most of life. Think in the past when you wish you had taken just a little more time... When you didn't stay in touch with an old friend... When you worked late and missed dinner with the family, for the third night in a row... When you maybe lost touch with what really matters.

That's what LifeBalls is for. It's a tangible reminder to experience the happiness & joy of the magic moments in your life each and every week... along with some hints from our smartphone app on how to have even more. (Hint: Make pancakes with the kids)

Note: Do not buy this unless you want to have compelling conversations about life every time someone asks: "What is this thing?"

10% of all profits go to support the make-a-wish foundation.

Ready to take life up a notch?

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