The Witch's Eight Paths of Power


A New Weekly Course in Magick & Witchcraft

Lady Sable Aradia, up and coming Wiccan author, invites you to join her weekly lessons in the Art Magickal.

According to Gerald Gardner’s Book of Shadows, there are eight essential techniques of Wiccan magick. Also called the Eightfold Way, they are: Intent, Trance, the Craft, Intoxicants, Dance and Sacred Movement, Blood and Breath Control, the Scourge, and the Great Rite. Together, the Eight Paths of Power form a complete course in Wiccan practice. With a focus on teaching the skills that make a Witch better at magick and mysticism, this course offers something for everyone, from the fresh beginner to the experienced practitioner. Based on her popular workshops and upcoming book, Sable will feature a new lesson each week strongly emphasizing personal practice, supported by videos and a biweekly live video chat for subscribers to ask questions and receive additional exercises.


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